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Southwest Outdoor Cookers


South West Style Campsite Cookers
The unique concave cooking surface of the Disco's (Deesco's) grill works like a wok and allows you to cook several types of food at once. If you use the sides of the sur
face to cook on, fatty oil and grease collect in the center, making our disco's one of the healthiest cooking choices around. The center of the Disco cooking surface also works well for Southwestern outdoor cookerssimmering sauces and cooking rice or pasta

Once the Disco cooking surface is cured similar to a wok or cast iron skillet (recommended curing methods will be included), it can be used to cook any number of foods, and then removed for cleaning. The Disco is handcrafted one at a time by our talented craftsman. What makes the Disco grill so popular? Quality design, solid construction and artistic elements all add up to make the Disco grill your favorite cooking method the first time you fire it up.

southwest out door cookers in las cruces, nmWhat's included?

  • Stand with removable legs
  • 2 same cut outs on burner shield
  • Disc with handles
  • Burner
  • Hose
  • Regulator with adjustable valve
  • Painted flat black

The following are just some expamples of designs that you can use on the burner shield
of the Disco

bear coyote Elk
horse family of quail  roadrunner

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