St. Genevieve Church Monument

The oldest image

Painting done by Mr. Albert J Fountain Sr., from memory of St. Genevieve Church in Las Cruces, NM in 1859. Fr. Manuel Chaves was installed as the first pastor of this newly formed parish.

The Second Church

St. Genevieve Church build under the leadership of Fr. Pierre Lassiange and Mohter Praxedes Carty, Sister Superior of the Loretto Covent. The church was built over and around the old church and not a service was omitted during the progress of the work. The new church was solemnly dedicated on October 15, 1887.

The town of Las Cruces develops around St. Genevieve Church

St. Genevieve Church was the center of Las Cruces where majority of activities took place, from religious, political, theatrical, social, etc.

The high altar

Interior of St. Genevieve Church circa 1930s or later. Damage can be seen on the walls. Many of the statues shown are still in use in the present day church. The two side altars which appear to have the Niches and crocketts like the high altar, are actually painted on the wall above the altars.

The Church’s towers are lowered

St. Genevieve Church as it looked in 1967 prior to its demolition. The foundation could not support the tall french towers so the were shortened.

St. Genevieve Monument

In 1998, Torres Welding, Inc. built and donated to the City of Las Cruces a monument to the old cathedral and was constructed at the church’s original location.